status update

i'm still alive sometimes?

hey! listen! you've probably been wondering what i've been up to since my last post! if you haven't that's alright too but maybe kinda sad 😭

anyways, this post is gonna be somewhat different than the first one, mainly because i've changed a lot since then as well. i'm not gonna do the whole "good style" and "grammatical correctness" thing, cuz that's not me. i'll use whatever fucking words i want, it's my blog and you can't stop me!

so uh, then to the update part i guess?

  • i've been working pretty hard on yotredash, my shader demotool written in rust. if you haven't already, check it out!! it's super cool [citation needed]. as of may 2018, it can now monitor audio streams and supply that data to other nodes! it also has some new fancy shaders, and once i get around to it will probably have much more modular nodes :D
  • rustodon!! this is gonna be fuckin RAD when it finally spreads its wings and flies up into the air, hovers next to an ICE building, and torches the fuckin thing to the ground
  • i reverse engineered my logitech headset and wrote some shitty software to talk to it, which you can find here. if you're interested, definitely open up an issue on that repo and i'll probably get around to it when i've got the spoons <3
  • uhhh, i also did some other minor things probably, but i don't really remember all of them

anyways, that's been a status update. good check-in. stay safe.