i do stuff maybe

  • look down @ my projects
  • im also super experienced with hating computers
    • hating windows is my specialty
    • i also hate macos and pretty much any unix-like you can think of
    • throw computers into the sea
  • i guess i also do some reverse engineering
    • i should do a blag about that someday


brainf*ck interpreter

a brainf*ck interpreter written in pure x86 assembly

brainfuck is an esoteric programming language designed for extreme minimalism. its programs consist of eight distinct characters which perform operations on an array in memory. it was created by urban müller in 1992 for the amiga family of personal computers with the goal of having the smallest compiler possible. in fact, the compiler he wrote has an executable size of just 240 bytes!

emoji keyboard

an emoji selector written in qt


a shader demotool written in rust

yotredash is a shader demotool - it displays glsl shaders in real-time by rendering them on an opengl quad. it can be used to create very cool artistic effects, and will work with many of the demos listed on https://shadertoy.com (with some adaptation).